Marble Slab Backsplash Designs

Solid slab Marble backsplashes have become very popular recently as we have seen a resurgence in the use of Marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops. In this application, a large slab of Marble is custom cut to fit around cabinets and fixtures along the entire wall of the kitchen or bathroom.

Marble is a preferred choice of stone to use for custom backsplash designs. As you can see in the images below, gray and white veining that is inherent in traditional Marble colors can be demure or dramatic depending on the depth of color, thus complementing a modern or traditional space.

Custom Cut Marble Slab Backsplash

Surface One has taken the Marble backsplash idea to the next level of design by incorporating customized shapes and edge profiles. Rather than covering the entire wall with stone, these backsplashes are custom cut to accent a faucet, a mirror, a cooktop or the Marble stone itself. Architects, designers, home builders and home owners are presented with endless options to add sophisticated design to any space.

The beautiful veining of a Marble slab becomes a work of art when used on the wall. In the cover image above, Surface One custom fabricated a large Marble slab and installed it above the cooktop. Not only does the Marble function as a backsplash for the stovetop, it also serves as a dramatic focal point of the room. In the images below, Marble backsplashes were custom fabricated with varying heights, curves and edge profiles to add dimension and style to a master bath vanity and dressing room vanity.


Montclair Danby Marble Kitchen Countertops

Custom Cut Marble Bathroom Backsplash

In small bathrooms, an intricately fabricated Marble backsplash can become the canvas for a unique wall mounted sink or complement the design of a mirror. When placed on the wall, a custom fabricated slab of marble can be the finishing touch to a luxuriously designed space.

Sophisticated designs require an expert fabricator to execute the intricate curves and edge profile cuts while maintaining the integrity of the stone. Today’s discerning buyer wants to know what the final product will look before making their final decision. Surface One has invested in state of the art equipment and software to create complex custom designs. We can digitally show you exactly how your slab will look in your home or business before a single cut is ever made–veining, seams, everything! We are one of the few fabricators in the Southeast to invest in robotic equipment for precision based fabrication. 

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