How Durable is Granite?

Dec 11, 2015 | Surface One

Your kitchen countertops are some of the most used surfaces in your entire home. Your kitchen is the gathering place for friends and family so it needs to be functional and also look amazing. How do you gain durability and keep outstanding beauty and style at the same time? For many families, the countertop surface of choice is granite.

In a kitchen, countertops are subject to abuse, so you may be wondering just how durable is granite? Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. A natural stone, granite is rock-hard, second only to diamonds in terms of the hardness of natural materials. Resistant to scratching, cracking, and chipping; a properly installed, sealed granite countertop will look like new and most likely last your lifetime under normal use. Does it get any better?

Did You Know?

Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth. Granite is rock-hard, second only to diamonds in terms of the hardness of natural materials.


Granite is formed by heat and pressure, derived from hot magma deep within the earth, so it will not scorch if you place a hot pan on it.


Most of the granite mined in the United States comes from five states: Massachusetts, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Idaho.

Benefits of Granite

Timeless granite adds earthy ambiance to kitchens and bathrooms. Comprised of various minerals, each piece of granite is unique in color and characteristics. The stunning natural stone is available in literally hundreds of colors ranging from dark black to pristine white. This exquisite natural stone can have dramatic veins of color running through it, creating individual patterns that complement any design style.

Choose softer tones with less dramatic veining or dramatic patterns with colors such as green, blue, red or yellow. From a sleek, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances to a cozy farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets, and everything in between, there are enough choices of colors to complement your particular space.

Granite continues to be the one of the preferred choices for kitchen and bathroom countertops as a cost effective choice. If you decide to sell your home, granite countertops are often one of the first amenities a home buyer may seek. Granite remains the most popular countertop, conveying luxury while remaining durable.

Your kitchen and bathroom countertops take the brunt of your daily routine, making this durable and stunning natural stone a perfect choice for a busy household. Gorgeous and timeless, classic granite countertops are an investment Surface One is sure you will be glad you made in your home.

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