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Solid Surface countertops were created in the late 1960’s. At that time, the only colors available were variations of  white.  Color was introduced to Solid Surface manufacturing in the late 1980’s as continual improvements were made to the product. A solid surface material is a blend of polyester and/or acrylic alloys and fillers. The end product is seamless and can look like stone, glass or be a textured material. There are a wide variety of colors and patterns of Solid Surface materials available from several different manufacturers.

While Solid Surface materials are similar in composition, each manufacturer offers different options for color, pattern, texture and use.  Solid Surface countertops are an excellent choice for restaurants, schools, offices, public restrooms and other high traffic areas because they are stain, bacteria and mold resistant. Solid Surfaces are sustainable and renewable.  They have a long life span and can be usually be polished or repaired if they are scratched or damaged.  Some Solid Surface manufactures also offer surfaces that include recycled materials and may be eligible to earn LEED or Green Building credits and certifications.

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