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Surface One offers a variety of specialty surfaces for the discerning client that is looking for uniqueness in material and design.  New technology and innovative design brings forth products that can be used in new and unique applications such as floors, walls, and more.

Recycled glass surfaces are sustainable products that are environmentally friendly and unique in design.  From demure to dramatic, recycled glass can be used for an entire kitchen or bath, or as an accent for a bar top, island top, or inlay.  For architects and designers using a recycled glass product bring uniqueness in design as well as earn points for LEED project certification.

Dekton is a new innovative surface that is light weight and ultra compact so it can be produced in large slabs much thinner than traditional surfaces.  This high-performance product is modern in appearance and has endless uses, from countertops to flooring to facades.


Dekton is a high-performance material that can be used in kitchens, baths, bar areas and commercial applications. It is stain resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant and non-porous. Dekton is not just a countertop material, it is light weight and can be produced in large sizes, making Dekton a unique choice for walls, facades and flooring, as well as exterior applications.

Dekton is manufactured using Sinterized Particle Technology, a process that mimics the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes over thousands of year. This technology produces an ultra-compact, non-porous surface without defects or weak spots. Therefore, Dekton surfaces can be larger in size, and thinner in thickness than typical countertop materials.  Dekton is created by Consentino, the manufactures of Silestone.

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Eco is an environmentally friendly product that is unique in design and versatility.  In addition to traditional applications like kitchen and bath countertops, Eco can be produced in large slab sizes, for flooring and wall cladding.  Eco surfaces are not porous and do not need sealants, so they require very little maintenance.  Eco surfaces are highly resistant to impact and scratching, but are less heat resistant than some other surfaces.

Eco surfaces are manufactured by Cosentino in Cantoria (Algeria, Spain) using new environmentally friendly technology.  75% of the materials used are recycled post-consumer materials and post-industrial materials, such as glass, mirror, porcelain, earthenware and ash.  The remaining 25% consists of quartz, natural stone, pigments and vegetable resin.  Even most of the water used in the manufacturing process is re-used.

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IceStone surfaces are made from three core materials, recycled glass, portland cement and non-toxic pigment.  IceStone can be used for countertops, vanities, table tops and other commercial applications.  The product is durable and the color palette varies from bright and bold to soft and sophisticated.  Recycled glass creates a durable surface that is low maintenance.

IceStone is a LEED certified surface created in a 19th century warehouse that has been converted into an environmentally friendly factory.  The IceStone company and staff are very environmentally aware, the factory is lit by day-light and the power is derived from a recycled water system.  IceStone is an American company, all materials are sourced in the USA and all slabs are cast in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City.

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Vetrazzo is an eye-catching recycled glass surface that can add sophistication and elegance to any room.  Created from recycled bottles and glass, each Vetrazzo surface is unique and eye-catching.  It is a versatile product that can be used for countertops, vanities, bar tops, tub decking, wall cladding, showers, spas and hearth and fireplace surrounds.

Vetrazzo is comparable to granite in strength, scratch resistance, durability, and heat resistance.  It is a low maintenance surface that is highly durable and can add a dramatic impact to a room.  Vetrazzo is a LEED certified material that only uses recycled, un-processed glass in the manufacturing process.

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